Allow in all the money, love and support the Universe is sending you.  

And grow your intuitive gifts in the process. 

(Without having to spend hours creating vision boards, meditating or doing complicated rituals)  

The Receiving School Opens Back Up in April 2020. Get on the Waitlist to be Notified When The Class Opens.

Is this you?  

You are an over-giver who struggles to receive but know you need to get better at it.  

The time has come for you to release your intense pursuit of hyper-success, perfection or over-achieving. Whatever is driving you to do more, give more … its time to put it down, just for a bit. It is time slow down so you can make space for the magic the Universe is trying to show you.  

You already know this though, don’t you?  

You’ve heard miracle stories about what happens to people who learn to receive and it sounds sooooo good.  

But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds, right?  

You give and give and give and only When its absolutely necessary Do you receive  

That is not how it was meant to be. That is not what the loving Force of the Universe wants for you.  

So why do you do it then?  

You were taught this way. You were taught to value giving over receiving. You were taught your value was what you put OUT, not what you take IN.  

Let’s change that.  

You don’t have to give up or unlearn your gorgeous, giving nature. You just need balance it with receiving. You need to LEARN Receiving.  



During our 6 weeks together you will get all the love and support and “classwork” you didn’t get as a child that will show you HOW to receive. How to let in the love, abundance, joy and happiness the Universe is delivering to you on a DAILY BASIS.

The very best part of it is that this will be the EASIEST work you’ve ever done.  

It will be delicious and fun and ultimately feel soooo good because you will be coming into balance with what you inherently know to be RIGHT.  

The actual blueprint for how you are meant to live is programmed into your very being, into your world…  

Your breath Your heartbeat The ocean tides The seasons The forces of life on this planet all … balance what goes out with what comes in.  

At your truest wisest self you already know that RECEIVING is just as vital as GIVING and the balance of these two forces is the key to having:  

Healthy, loving relationships Fulfilling work Deep financial security Beautiful spaces to live and work in Supportive Team Members Exciting adventures…  

All of it starts by being open to RECEIVE at the level you GIVE  

What is even more exciting is that this “receiving energy” you will be allowing in is the same energy that drives intuitive gifts. If you’ve ever felt like you are a little bit intuitive and would love to trust the information coming through you or you’d like to open up to the powers of your sixth sense like: 

Clairvoyance (to see) Clairaudience (to hear) Claircognizance (to know) Clairsentience (to feel)  

Raising the receiving energy in your life is what will call these gifts forward.  

Let me be clear though. This isn’t simply a manifestation or Law of attraction program.  

If you’ve read about Law of Attraction or taken Manifestation programs but never been able to consistently apply what you learned to your life RECEIVING SCHOOL will give you the missing link. The piece of the puzzle no one is teaching. And here it is…  

You can visualize until your 3rd eye bleeds and it won’t matter if your subconscious brain is programmed to block that receiving. You can set intentions, murmur mantras and affirmations all day long but if your ACTIONS show the Universe something different than what you’d LIKE to happen it will be very difficult to RECEIVE the manifestations headed to you.  

In order to shift your actions you need to get to the heart of the subconscious patterns at play.  

THE RECEIVING SCHOOL blends tactical actions with brain science and spiritual principles to unblock your resistance to receiving on all levels. It is only when the brain, body and soul are all working together that full, bountiful receiving can occur.  

Are you ready for THE RECEIVING SCHOOL? 

If so here is what you can expect…

Over the course of 6 weeks together you’ll have access to me via recorded trainings, LIVE weekly coaching calls and through a private dedicated Facebook group where you will get:  

  • 30 minute process that will immediately start drawing in the money and support that will free you from the stress that often seeps into life when we "work" to create money.
  • 2 Daily practices you can complete in less than 5 minutes each day that will start releasing blocks that are keeping your manifestations just outside your door.

  • Release mental and emotional barriers you unconsciously hold to all forms of compensation naturally flowing to you.  
  • You’ll learn the one piece of information you’ve been denying, that the Universe has tried to show you over and over again, that will free you from massive blocks to time and happiness.

  • During this week you will have simple, easy-to-follow processes that will allow you to declutter your office and mind.  
  • You’ll walk away from this week feeling like you just took an energetic shower and the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

  • You’ll learn to open up to the spiritual guidance flowing to you at all times through your higher self, your ancestors and your spirit guides.  
  • You’ll learn to hear and trust your own intuition as well as “read” the energy and information available outside your 5 senses.

  • You’ll gain direct advice, direction and specific actions to take from your spirit guides so you can start to build out a plan for 2020 that is customized to your soul. 
  • During this week and throughout the 6 week’s Patty will provide readings to you and the other participants which will help you have confidence in what you already “know”.

  • Week 6 will be the true icing on the cake. You will understand at a deep and powerful level the key to receiving without doing anything. 
  • If I could give you this week’s training first I would because it will change EVERYTHING but you’ll need the previous 5 week’s training to be ready for it. (It is going to be awesome!!!)

Here are the program deets:

  • The Receiving School begins in April 2020 space is limited to 25.  
  • Each Monday you’ll receive recorded training videos and a workbook for the week.
  • You’ll have access to me via live coaching calls and through a dedicated Facebook group. 
  • Our LIVE Coaching calls will take place on TBD


How much time will this require? The weekly training will be 15-30 minutes. Implementing the work will take anywhere from 30 mins - hour each week. Many of the assignments will be work you include in your normal daily activities. The coaching calls will be 60 minutes each week and you are welcome to join LIVE or watch the recordings.  

What if I can’t make the LIVE coaching calls. You do not need to be available for the LIVE coaching calls. Simply email me your questions in advance and I’ll be happy to address them on the call. You will have access to all the recordings that you can watch whenever and wherever you like.  

Will I only be able to talk to Patty during the coaching calls? You can ask me any questions you like in our Facebook group and I will answer them throughout the week. You do not need to wait for a coaching call to get my support, guidance or feedback.  

Have questions about the program that aren’t answered here? Email me your question at and we’ll set up some time to speak.