Discover Your Soul's Deepest Desire

Can you feel the yearning for something different/ more/ better? It doesn’t quite have a word but it has a feeling. It is the frisson of your soul speaking to you but you haven’t quite taken action on what it is saying.  

Maybe you can’t hear what its saying yet. You simply know its there.  

Maybe you haven’t focused on it long enough to take a step in the direction of your soul’s whisper.  

Would you like a simple and easy way to connect to that desire and understand it better? I’ve recorded this meditation that will allow you to create that space and connection. I’d love for you to have it here: 

Click here to get instant access to the meditation


Download Your Worksheet To Go With This Meditation

The worksheet will give you some simple questions to answer that will start you moving forward.  

Connecting to and honoring the whispers of your soul is the key to everything you want. I know that is a big claim but it is an honest one. Within you is everything you need to know about what will create happiness, peace, love and abundance for you.  

Listen to yourself! 

About Patty Lennon  

Patty is a national speaker and best selling author who inspires audiences to lead and sell with passion and purpose. She is an expert business coach who believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution.  

Patty is committed to helping fellow entrepreneurs learn to grow their businesses from a place of love rather than fear and experience the true power, prosperity and peace that arises when they do.