Crowdfunding with Ease Program

How to Create a Wildly Successful Crowdfunding Campaign So that money no longer stands in the way of you bringing your dreams to life! 

Are you tired of money standing between you and your dreams?

If you want to raise the money you need to fund your project, create a word-of-mouth frenzy around your brand and grow your list at the same time then you definitely want to get Crowdfund with Ease  

But first, A Warning  

This is the system I used to fund and launch a sell out conference for 150 in NYC when I had a list of 300 people and no capital in my business.  

This is the same system over 100 people have used to successfully fund the launch of journals, events, books, products, inventions and brick and mortar locations. What separates these successful clients from the 70% + people whose campaigns fail each year is that they did the work involved to make their campaign successful.  

I want to be clear, there is no magic bullet. A successful crowdfunding campaign requires commitment and work effort.  

I am not suggesting everyone that buys this program will be this successful. I don’t know how successful the people who invest in this program will be. It’s likely that many of them won’t be successful at all (especially if they don’t follow the directions and work hard.)  

Chances are you and I have never met… so i’m not about to insult your intelligence by telling you this program is guaranteed to give you a successful crowdfunding campaign.  

At the end of the day, YOU are the only person who can make you successful. Not me, not this program, and certainly not the guys who claim huge crowdfunding success if you "only" give them 30, 40 or 50% of your crowdfunding profits.  

With that said … let me jump right in and show you  

Exactly What You're Getting

First of all, this program is very different from any crowdfunding program you’ve investigated or purchased before because it addresses the mental and spiritual aspects of crowdfunding along with the step by step process of creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.  

What stops most potential crowdfunders in their tracks is the fear that usually rears its ugly head when you think about asking people for funding. I address that head on because here is how I’m different than most crowdfunding experts. I launched a crowdfunding campaign myself. I know what it means to be successful from the inside of a campaign and I assure you that is very different than experts that teach “concepts”.  

And I did it while I had two small children at home, a growing business and a husband who was out of work. Why that’s important to you is that I know what it feels like to need money and have limited time to create the money you need.  

I am committed to packing the most learning in the least amount of time so I’ve stripped away the nonsense. Once you register you will enter a fluff-free zone.  

And (IMHO) one of the most interesting parts of the program and the reason it is so different from other programs is that I’m going to show you how to tap the support of Infinite Intelligence (aka The Divine, Source etc) that is available to you, which will allow you to relax and accomplish far more than you could imagine in much less time.  

Connecting to Infinite Intelligence will give you one additional benefit - you will realize how not alone you are and how much support is truly available to you at any given moment. That being said, this is not a “Law of Attraction” course. Far from it. I’m giving you boots-on-the-ground techniques to model that will strip hours of useless work from your preparation. (I know. I spent hundreds of hours researching and preparing for my own campaign. I want to save you all that time and make your process stream-lined and efficient.)  

Finally, this program does not require that you have a huge team you can delegate to. In fact you don’t have to have any team at all to get started. I’m going to show you the best way to determine exactly what you need to succeed and fully fund your project.  

This program is About MORE than Just Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

When you follow this system to create a powerful foundation for your crowdfunding campaign you also create a powerful foundation for your brand and your business. Through this program you will learn how to attract the attention of influencers in your industry and stand out to potential buyers.  

For example, one client who took this course and successfully launched his food truck business with crowdfunding tells me he returns to the training over and over again when he wants to create buzz in new locations.  

An advisor in the NYC Chamber of Commerce who learned this system (so she could offer advice to Chamber members that wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign) said she often refers new business owners to this system because it offers a step-by-step process that lays the foundation for strong business growth.  

And I’ve used the video creation system I teach inside this course to create pitch videos that have launched tens of thousands of dollars of products.  

So like I said, there’s more to this program than just creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.  

Here is a fraction of what you’re getting

Module 1

  • How to create a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, even if you don’t know where to start  
  • Why decreasing your targeted funding amount can help you raise more money  
  • How to choose the perfect crowdfunding platform even if they all look the same to you  
  • The truth about crowdfunding platforms, why many disappear and how to choose a platform that is in it for the long haul  
  • A simple strategy to find your ideal contributors online and get them buzzing about your upcoming project  
  • And if you think you need to be Seth Godin (or someone super famous) to successfully launch a crowdfunding campaign, I'll show you that just isn't true. You'll learn how to get lots of eyes on your campaign, even if you have a small following  
  • What you should never do on your campaign page if you want to succeed 

(I’m almost embarrassed to teach this because it’s so obvious but I have been teaching this stuff since 2012 and am amazed this is something some people need to learn.  

I don’t think that is going to be you though because obviously you are really smart. So maybe just skip this bullet and go to the next one which will be much more applicable to you. 

But maybe you do need to learn this so in that case just know I can teach this in 5 minutes and when you learn it you’ll be like RIGHT I KNEW THAT and you can feel all smug but deep down inside you’ll be really, REALLY glad you invested in this course because you didn’t commit that fatal flaw on your campaign page.)  

  • You need a finished product before you can start crowdfunding RIGHT? Wrong!  

Module 2

  • You need a big video budget, Right? Wrong! I’ll show you how to create a rock star pitch video even if you have a small budget  
  • How to film the perfect pitch video, even if you hate the camera  
  • Learn a single strategy you can use when working with your video production team that will triple the value of your investment and get your production team even more excited to produce your project!  
  • Avoid the one costly mistake many crowdfunders make when hiring a video team and what you can do during video production to get the biggest bang for your video buck  
  • 3 ways to repurpose your pitch video so you make the most of your video budget
  • What you should never say in your pitch video if you want people to support you 

Module 3

  • How to get people excited about your campaign before you even start  
  • How to get your favorite Aunt Sally marketing for you, even if she doesn’t have InstaFaceTweet  
  • Learn the simple four word sentence that transforms campaign visitors into campaign contributors (and gets everyone you know cheering for your success). Seriously, this is so effective yet so many crowdfunders avoid using it and I don’t know why. These four words are like the freakin keys to the crowdfunding kingdom.  
  • When its OK to beg for money (just messing with you again. I’m sure there is a time and place to beg for money but I’m not teaching that in this course because if you follow this process there will be no begging needed.) 
  • Exactly what to say right before your campaign goes live to rally your nearest and dearest to become your best marketing machine

Module 4

  • How to get lots of eyes on your campaign, even if you have a small following  
  • You need a big list, Right? Wrong! I had less than 300 people on my list when I started preparing for my crowdfunding campaign. I’ll show you exactly what I did to launch a successful campaign with a small list. I’ll also show you how to use these same techniques to grow your list in the process  
  • 6 ways to talk about your crowdfunding campaign on social media without asking for money  
  • Why you should never give a t-shirt or bag as a reward and what to do instead

(Hint: Although T-shirts and bags may seem like obvious rewards because they are so overused they generally don’t get contributors excited.  

They also leave you with a fulfillment nightmare. In this module you’ll learn what to offer instead that will inspire contributions and support your book, event or program. The right rewards will save you time and money in the process!) 

  • 5 ways to create rewards that work every time
  • How to structure limited time BONUS rewards on your campaign and what time it the campaign to launch them to create the biggest buzz.
  • Exactly what to do to make your campaign look like a HUGE success on day 1 so contributions come flying in (remember people contribute to campaigns in part because they feel they can succeed)  

Module 5

  • A 10 minute exercise that will reveal *hidden* contributors that would be thrilled to support you, yet for some reason your brain is blocking you from remembering who they are  
  • Where to find strangers that will support your campaign  
  • How to eliminate the fear that comes with asking people for money 
  • The secret to allowing abundance into your life through your campaign (It’s easier than you think but probably the opposite of what you would try)
  • Why taking time off from crowdfunding work will actually make you more successful
  • When its OK to beg for money (just messing with you again. I’m sure there is a time and place to beg for money but I’m not teaching that in this course because if you follow this process there will be no begging needed.) 
  • Say goodbye to lack of money holding you back from moving your dreams forward


If you are like me and like things done for you way more than you like to do them yourself you are going to love this BONUS.

This to me is worth the price of the program (and then some.)  

With this bonus you receive a fully populated project plan. This plan will give you line items of every task that needs to get done so all you need to do is assign each task an owner and a date.

If you've ever thought "Gosh, I just wish someone would tell me what to do and I'd do it!" then get ready to have that happen. One of my favorite things to do is lay out project plans. I know that makes me super weird in some circles but in this case, I hope it just makes YOU happy!

Get ready to kiss overwhelm and confusion goodbye!

Here’s What to Do Next...

When you register you’ll get a link to access our member area with a welcome video, which will give you an introduction to this five week program.  

You will have access to all of the modules at once to learn at your own pace. We recommend that you complete 1 module per week for 5 weeks. And if you don’t complete all the course work in 5 weeks, don’t worry… Once you register, this material is yours to keep!  

Yes, a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Really Is Possible!  

I know that part of you may be wondering if you can actually generate the money you need to bring your project, service or book to life through crowdfunding. The answer is absolutely!  

Time is of the Essence

When we get lots of people in this course launching successful crowdfunding campaigns, lots of other people watching those campaigns will start to understand how much power we truly have at making our dreams come true - and that is really a cool thing.  

What I have observed is that a crowdfunding campaign well executed not only empowers the crowdfunder (that’s you); it also creates some serious power in the people who watch your success.  

In order to start that movement I need a whole bunch of people learning this system and implementing it at once.

So do not hesitate because (And let’s be real. Your “to do” list is a mile long and as soon as you leave this page you are going to completely forget that there is a limited time discount so you need to register now or I know you’ll forget and then I’ll be so sad. Please register)  

Happiness Guarantee

I 100% guarantee you’ll love this program and I’m giving you 7 days to try it out just to make sure. That is right. You can start the program and if you don’t find you are receiving HUGE benefit from what you are learning just email me and I’ll return your $497 investment.  

This is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Program.  

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the bottom and if you happen to be like me and didn’t really read all the way to the bottom, just scrolled to the bottom well here is the deal…  

This is an awesome program designed to get you working many less hours while creating better results and I’m offering a bunch of bonuses, including LIVE coaching, if you sign up now.

About Me

I am a national speaker and best selling author that inspires audiences to lead and sell with passion and purpose. 

I am an expert business coach that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution. 

I am committed to helping fellow entrepreneurs learn to grow their businesses from a place of love rather than fear and experience the true power, prosperity and peace that arises when they do.