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The Collective is a new type of coaching program that blends mentorship, support, learning and community in one place.  

Finally a place where you can get the love and support you need to grow your life and business AND connect with fellow helpers and healers that share your challenges, your values and have hearts as big as YOURS!  

The Collective Program

This program is for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs focused on creating whole life success. Our members receive a unique blend of mentorship, training and inspiration by being a part of The Collective. We are the go to resource for purpose driven entrepreneurs, enabling you to easily get started straight away and experience the life and business you always wanted.

Program Vault 

As part of the collective, you get to access any and all programs that I have created in the past and will create in the future at no additional cost. You can have access to programs such as my famous 20 Hour Work Week System, 6 Figure Soul-Infused No Bullsh*t Profit Plan, Crowdfund With Ease, Virtual Marketing Planning Day, 50 Speaking Gigs in 50 Weeks and much, much more.

2x a month LIVE Group Coaching

Accelerate your results on our live or recorded group calls. Eliminate worry, self-sabotage and resistance so that you can exerience the life and business you always dreamed of FAST.

What is the Collective?

Hello Purpose-Driven Entreprenuer,  

You want to make an impact, do good work for great clients and build a business that works for you and your family.  

Because it’s more than just a way to make a living.  

It’s a mission; a calling. And you can’t not do it.  

You're willing to do what it takes to bring your vision to life.  

I’ve never doubted that.  

Please, please hear and understand this. I’m writing these words for you.  

You’ve got what it takes to be successful. Right now. It’s inside you.  

The Collective is the place where you can be 100% you. All the time.  

This isn’t another appointment on your calendar or task to cross off the list.  

It’s the place to come for perspective.  

To see that missing piece that alludes you – because together, we’ll be able to see it and bring the picture into focus.  

You are closer than you know, and the Collective is the safe, judgment free space where you can ask for help. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside

The Collective Program 

I can promise you this. You’ll see business and personal growth:  

By doing. Taking positive action when you have that aha moment.  

By observing. In my groups, it’s crazy how many people tell me that they got the answer they needed – the exact solution – when I was talking about someone else’s business problem.  

By contributing. Giving is part of what makes us tick.  

Monthly Newsletter 

This is where I pull back the curtain and share what’s working. You’ll get my go to strategies and mind-set shifts in a detailed, helpful way.  

This is information about things that are happening in real time, as I’m implementing and seeing good results – I’m sharing it so you know exactly how to do it too. Think coaching + resources.  

In the newsletter you’ll also get these juicy resources:

  • Weekly Worksheets that will show you what to do week to grow your life + business
  • Guided Meditation
  • Oracle Card Readings 
  • Messages from our Collective Spirit Guides  

2 Coaching Calls Each Month  

You can raise your hand (ahead of time) with your question and get coaching on the spot from me.  

Topics range from Intuition & Spirituality to Sales & Marketing.  

Coaching calls support you where you are in your journey so that your path to success is easier and more prosperous each step of the way!  

Q&A Session For All Members

Calls are recorded. It’s not possible to make them all and that’s ok.  

You’ll be there when you need help, or when the Universe knows someone needs to hear from you.  

Trust me, I can’t plan it, (I’ve stopped trying) just know that every call is valuable because the right people show up to share, to learn and to expand.  

Facebook Community

Connect with fellow lightworkers, healers and service-based entrepreneurs.  

Because some days you need a little help, and other days you need someone to celebrate a win.  

This is also where I will pop in to answer pressing questions and bring you in the moment FB live updates that I’m getting from the Divine.  

Beyond what's already included, the Collective also includes other critical components to give you the support you need to excel in your business and life. 

On Demand Access to Every Course or Program I Have Ever Offered as Needed! 

Yes. All of them.  

This is one of those things that the gurus tell you not to do. Creating scarcity isn’t a tactic that works for me.

Sharing what I have that’s helpful – totally does.  


Monday Mindset Facebook LIVE For All Members  

Each Monday I pop into our Facebook group to give you inspiration and action-focused steps to launch you into a new week.  

Sometimes the message comes from me and sometimes it comes from the Universe.  

You'll never start a week without me ;)

1:1 Personalized Coaching to Sky-Rocket Your Results.

As a Collective member you get a 45-50% discount on my street rate, take advantage of it!!

If you think getting more personalized help from Patty is what you need there are two ways to take advantage of this:  

1. Discuss a targeted challenge you’d like Patty's help resolving. This is a great use of a single hour session.  

2. Build out a funnel, create a new marketing plan, map out a book outline, plan world domination? Big projects can be well supported by doing a VIP, where you and Patty will spend the day virtually or in person creating game changing master solutions and step by step plans!!! 

While in the Collective, you’ll have a system of repeatable – and profitable – practices and tools to effectively experience the life and business you always wanted with ease.

Topics we cover on our calls and in our Facebook Group include:

Intuition, Mindset & Purpose

  • Design and build your big dreams
  • Hear what your soul is telling you to do and follow it
  • Figure out how to take a month off from your business and still get paid 
  • Decide you want to write a book and create your writing schedule
  • Contact publishers to pitch your manuscript
  • Learn to ask your partner for more help 
  • Make the impossible possible
  • Access courage to live the life your soul truly desires. 
  • Learn to Surrender and Let GO!  

Sales & Support

  • Learn how to sell in a way that feels natural
  • Break the cycle of overgiving that plagues most Lightworkers
  • Get comfortable asking your clients for money and easily allow it in
  • Receive an outrageous amount of praise and feel really good rolling around in it
  • Get comfortable talking about yourself (yes, sometimes it is a good thing!)
  • Increase the level of support you ask for and receive
  • Open to the abundance the Divine has waiting for you  

Income Producing Strategies and Mindset

  • Build a marketing plan for your upcoming launch
  • Produce an email to your whole list that is so genuine and true to your voice that each reader feels like you are speaking directly to them every time you write (hint: the answer is love)
  • Develop a signature talk that does more than sells you or your service, it turns your audience into fans and followers for life 
  • Write copy that is so freakin juicy awesome good that your people pick up the phone to tell you how freakin juicy awesome good it is (and can they work with you!)  


People Who Now Have the Life and Business They Always Dreamed of by being part of The Collective

I want you to be part of this. I know it will benefit your business. Because the group is growing and what we’re seeing is incredible. The energy is full of hope and kindness.  

In just a short time it became clear that the women in the Collective showed up ready to honor their work and their business in a way that’s right for them.  

It’s been life-changing for others, and it can be for you too.  

Let’s do this!  

About Your Host: Patty Lennon

Patty is a business coach, keynote speaker and best selling author that inspires audiences to lead and sell with passion and purpose.  

She is an expert business coach that believes our businesses are not only a way to make money and contribute to our fellow humans but also a conduit for our soul’s evolution.  

Patty is committed to helping her fellow entrepreneurs learn to grow their businesses from a place of love rather than fear and experience the true power, prosperity and peace that arises when they do. 

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